Hustle verb ˈhəsəl/ : To do little things to help entrepreneurs achieve big dreams.

Hustle verb ˈhəsəl/ : To do little things to help entrepreneurs achieve big dreams.

What is Capital Hustle? Capital Hustle is a social entrepreneurship initiative that offers underserved entrepreneurs inspired local advertising, sound social media strategy, and business mentoring.

Mission: Empower a diverse population of local underserved entrepreneurs who offer great products and services.

Vision: Capital Hustle believes that individuals can make a difference and that every entrepreneur deserves an opportunity to achieve his/her business’s untapped potential. 

Why we do it?  We love DC, entrepreneurship, ideas, and helping people. 

Target Beneficiaries: Entrepreneurs in low-income communities.

Challenges: Local entrepreneurs face unique challenges. Obstacles take on different forms: lack of access to traditional business resources or information, language barriers, and/or a lack of technical know-how. 

Technology’s Role: Technology can empower and inspire. With the buzz that DC’s emerging tech startup scene commands, it’s easy for one to overlook that we can help local low-income entrepreneurs solve problems through simple actions.  We use technology as a tool but human interaction is at the core of each campaign.

How we help: We listen and ask questions. We identify goals and challenges.  We take action.

We offer selected entrepreneurs an array of services and tools:

Business Strategy
Computer training 
Public Relations
Social Media
Video ads
Web Services

Our Core Values: