Capital Hustle

Individuals can make a difference

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 13, 2014 - Capital Hustle’s mission is to empower a diverse population of local underserved entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. Childhood friends with DC roots, Carlos Martin del Campo and Emiliano Ruprah, teamed up to launch the pro bono social entrepreneurship initiative in January, 2014. The initiative provides selected beneficiaries inspired local advertising, sound social media strategy, technical training, business and marketing consulting, and Press Relations services.

Small business owners face a unique set of challenges including lack of access to information and resources, language barriers, and/or lack of technical know-how. Carlos Martin del Campo explains, “With the buzz that DC’s emerging tech startup scene commands, it’s easy to overlook that individuals can help local entrepreneurs by engaging business owners, identifying challenges and goals, and taking action.” Emiliano Ruprah adds, “We believe it’s everyone’s right to dialogue with the world. We specialize in helping local and underserved businesses create buzz and get noticed without the big ad budget.”

For its inaugural campaign Capital Hustle is helping Columbia Heights based restaurant, Mexican Cowboy Tamales, reach new demographics and increase sales. Ofelio Crespo, Mexican Cowboys Tamales business owner, cooks authentic homemade tamales in his kitchen and delivers them to homes and offices. Ofelio has a loyal Latino clientele but has been unable to expand his business. Capital Hustle leveraged Ofelio’s existing brand to shoot a Western movie trailer style video ad in Rock Creek Park and Chevy Chase. Ofelio was portrayed as the hero on a quest to defeat Fast Food Bill and deliver his fresh, delicious tamales to DC residents. Prince of Petworth’s Dan Silverman referred to the video ad as one of “the best local ads I’ve ever seen.”

Crespo reflects on the significance of the Capital Hustle campaign, Their help means the world to me. Without the campaign I wouldn’t have the capital, the communication means or English skills to carry out this effort. The combination of Capital Hustle’s support and the fact that many people in the community already know the quality of my product is powerful. Help comes to those who persevere, insist, and set a good example for their family and the community.”