Campaign 2: Sonia Sweet Cleaning

Client: Sonia Alvarenga, Sonia Sweet Cleaning

Neighborhood: Columbia Heights 

Phone Number: 301.312.58666

Website: Facebook: Sonia Sweet Cleaning

Client: Sonia Alvarenga, Sonia Sweet Cleaning

Product/Service: Sonia offers high quality and affordable cleaning services. 

Campaign Objective: We teamed up with the Latino Economic Development Center to spotlight Sonia's business. Sonia has been cleaning residences and offices for 20+ years. Her industry is very competitive so the challenge was to make her services stand out.

Execution: We threw and filmed a house party in Sonia's honor. A dozen people gave up their Saturday afternoon to be part of this project. For that, we're grateful!

Media: Social Media, Video

Target Market: DC residents

Proposition/Promise/Benefit:  Sonia Sweet Cleaning's prices are competitive. Her business is insured. She provides her equipment and supplies (organic too). Most importantly, she's as reliable and sweet as can be.

Fun Fact:  Sonia owns the parakeets seen in the video.