Two childhood friends unite for a cause

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Carlos Martin del Campo

meCarlos was born in Mexico and grew up in Washington, D.C. He attended high school at Edmund Burke School and studied International Relations at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. Prior to delving into marketing; Carlos served as a Millennium Development Goals consultant at UNDP’s Regional Center in Panama and as a social development consultant on Mexican Government Programs. He is currently offering marketing services through SunnyNite. He also conducts small business coaching for Latino Economic Development Center’s clients, helping business owners develop marketing and branding strategies, providing guidance on social media, developing websites, and creating original content. He believes client participation and co-creation is the key to empowering clients to handle challenges and use technology to grow their business endeavors. Recently appointed to Washington D.C.’s Innovation and Technology Inclusion Council, Carlos hopes to play an essential role in bridging the digital divide. He also has a startup idea in the works. Carlos spends his spare time playing basketball, brainstorming ideas, taking pictures, writing, reading and listening to psychedelic rock and hip hop.

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Emiliano Ruprah

emiAs a storyteller and media junkie, I believe it is everyone's right to dialogue with the world. As a Mexican-born American immigrant with an Italian mother and Indian father, I believe diversity is essential. As a filmmaker, I know that it takes collaboration and know how to craft good stories that will be shared among the minds who scour the net everyday for inspiration and entertainment.

After studying film and storytelling for several years, traveling the world, and working in a variety of disciplines and positions from dish washer to TV producer, I believe it is essential to increase diversity in the digital landscape using the same techniques that are used by the biggest Ad agencies. While freelancing and producing my own work, I will be spearheading and collaborating on projects with Capital Hustle.