Campaign 1: Mexican Cowboy Tamales

Client: Ofelio Crespo, Mexican Cowboy Tamales

Neighborhood: Columbia Heights 

Phone Number: 202.702.0637


Client: Ofelio Crespo, Mexican Cowboy Tamales

Product/Service: Ofelio cooks authentic, homemade tamales in his kitchen. He also delivers.

Campaign Objective: Ofelio has been delivering tamales for eight years. He has a loyal Latino clientele but has been unable to expand his business. The campaign aims to raise awareness, reach new demographics, and increase his sales. 

Execution: We leveraged Ofelio's existing Mexican Cowboy Tamales brand to shoot a western style trailer ad in Rock Creek Park and on Connecticut Avenue. We also upgraded Ofelio's website and improved his social media presence. 

Media: Social Media, Video, Web

Target Market: DC residents with taste buds.

Proposition/Promise/Benefit: Tamales are delicious, nutritious, and affordable. Supporting a local small business.

It was a Saturday morning in December. My fridge was empty and a routine walk to the supermarket was imminent. As I grabbed my coat, my sweet housekeeper enlightened me about a tamalero in Columbia Heights who delivers authentic, hand crafted Mexican tamales to homes and offices. Fresh tamales in DC, free delivery?! In that moment I felt a distinct combination of nostalgia for quality family time around a dinner table in Mexico, excitement for a hidden DC gem, and clueless about not knowing about a tamalero who’s been in business for eight plus years.  No lox and cream cheese that morning. The chocolate chip scone would have to make crumbs on someone else’s counter.

Days away from spending Christmas in Mexico and I had a traditional December dish heading my way. The tamalero, Ofelio Crespo, arrived promptly. Right off the bat, I could tell he was a stand up guy that made his tamales with “cariño”. He handed over his business card; it read “Mexican Cowboy Tamales.” I smiled as I thought to myself that it had great branding potential. The tamales lived up to the hype.

Fast-forward a couple weeks to 2014. My childhood friend and talented director Emiliano approached me about doing a project together. We wanted to blend our passions for advertising and entrepreneurship. A brainstorm session on the sixth day of the New Year ended with a phone call to The Mexican Cowboy, marking the launch of our then nameless initiative. It’s funny that an empty stomach and word of mouth paved the way for Capital Hustle ‘s fitting first campaign.